Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowed in, but active!

We got 18 inches of snow last night/this morning, so leaving the house today was definitely not an option.  And, Michael was restless since he didn't quite know what to do with himself all day.  But, I still managed to get in a good amount of exercise today.  I wanted to go for endurance, so I did an hour straight on the elliptical.  No intervals, nothing super strenuous, but a solid hour at an intermediate pace.  It was exhausting, but I was proud of myself.  I wanted to make sure I could do it.

I also wanted to do some of my regular exercises that my PT has me do.  I did two sets each of dips, planks, pushups, ball squats, and ball passes.  I know they probably weren't as good as when I have Kathie looking over my shoulder telling me how to improve my form.  But, I still think I did a good job.  And, it really made today seem like a powerful day.  And, as I get ready to head to Chicago, I need all the power I can muster!

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