Saturday, February 8, 2014

Listening to my Body

I took today as a 'listening to my body' day. I woke up this morning really stiff and sore from yesterday's workout.  Then I had a CST session where she was working on both of my knees and ankles.  And the calf muscles in between.  I came out of there even more sore.

But, I had plans to come home and do some walking.  What actually happened is that I took a two hour nap. I never nap.  I only woke up because I forced myself to.  Otherwise I think I would have spent the day in bed.

I don't know if I'm just really tired after yesterday's workout and today's CST session, or if I'm fighting off a cold.  Either way, I just wasn't up for a workout today.  So, I'm calling on my resolution to listen to my body, and I'm not feeling guilty about taking an extra day off.  I obviously need it!

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