Wednesday, February 26, 2014

BLRC - Day 4

Today was actually an easier day!  The first class started at 6:15 and was a stretch class.  It was absolute heaven.  I love Betty's stretch classes.  She makes sure you get fully stretched, but also manages to make the whole process relaxing and motivating.  Definitely a wonderful experience!

After breakfast was the first intense class of the day - Dumbbell Power.  The room was set up with various stations that you went through with a partner.  While one person did a cardio exercise for a minute, the other did an aerobic exercise for the same amount of time.  Then you switched.  There were probably 12 stations, and we went through twice.  It was a great class, but you really feel how long a minute is when you are doing a wall squat and doing biceps curls at the same time!

The next class was a cardio class called even it out.  Theoretically, you were doing a set style of cardio (speed, sprint, or intensity) for the length of a song.  But, Betty can't resist changing things up in the middle.  It was definitely intense, but the music was great.  The class actually went by fairly quickly.

Next was lecture.  Season 7 at Home Winner Jerry and his wife, Estella were the speakers.  They were so sweet and gave us a lot of good information.  It was great to be able to hear more about actual life on the show and how they managed to lose so much weight at home.  I was so glad to be able to listen to them!

After lunch there was a lecture on Emotional Eating.  But, it was the same as when we were at Niagara, so I opted to go to the Team Building session on timing snacks and meals around your workouts.  It was a great session and I learned some good tips.  From now on, I will definitely be eating a small snack on the way back from the gym!

The first afternoon class had  everyone nervous.  It was called !@#@^!  on the schedule, so we figured it would be so hard we would be cursing.  But, it was actually a surprise class, and kinda fun.  But, just in case you want to come, I won't ruin the surprise.  LOL

The last class of the da was a meditation.  I loved it.  It was a guided relaxation that took about an hour.  The only bad part was lying on my back the whole time.  While I generally love final relaxation at yoga, this was a long time to be still.  Every muscle in my body had something to say, and it made it difficult to concentrate.  But, I still got a lot out of the class, and have some great visualizations to try on my own.  I loved that!

There was also a quick class on how to use Foam Rollers.  It was good information, but very painful!  This was followed by a lecture on Intuitive Eating.  It was a great lecture.  Even though it was a repeat from Niagara, there wasn't anything competing with it, and it is information worth hearing again.  And, it gave me a lot to think about.

Dinner tonight wasn't so great.  Normally they are wonderful about my allergies. Tonight, they gave me a 'real' pita with dinner.  I took one bit of it and knew that it wasn't gluten free.  I had to ask one of the instructors to have the kitchen check, and sure enough, it wasn't.  I'm hoping the one bite isn't going to cause a reaction.  Then, it took about ten-fifteen minutes to get a replacement meal.  By the time I had my dinner, pretty much everyone else was done.  But, my tablemates were kind and kept me company.

Now, I am going to have my nightly bath, read a bit, and get to bed early.  Tomorrow's schedule is quite full, and not nearly so gentle!

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