Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BLRC - Day 3

Tuesday is supposed to be one of the hardest days here at the resort, and I made it through!  Yay me!  Believe me, they aren't kidding about it being hard.  I should have known last night when they had us take a piece of fruit to eat in the morning before the 6am workout.  But last night it just seemed like a bonus.  Today, I know better!

The day started at 6am with AMRAP, (As Many Reps As Possible).  Basically, we cycled through 6 crossfit style exercises with 2 minutes of cardio at the end.  We were supposed to get through as many cycles as we could.  I made it through three and I was incredibly proud of myself.  It was only 30 minutes, but intense does not begin to describe it.  But, at least when it was over, we felt we had earned our breakfast!

After breakfast we had two classes.  The first was a Pyramid Challenge class, where we built up on cardio segments with exercises in between.  So, one minute of cardio with 10 burpees.  Then, it was 2 minutes of cardio with 9 squats, 3 minutes and 8 push ups, 4 minutes and 7 plank ups, 5 minutes with 30 situps, 4 minutes with 7 plank ups, 3 minutes and 8 push ups, 2 minutes and 9 squats, and finally 1 minute and 10 burpees.  I really like the format of these classes.  You never get bored with a machine (you switch machines at each change, if you can), and you give your muscles a change to rest by working another set.

The other morning class was called Kettlebell. There was a whole series of kettlebell exercises.  The way it worked you were paired with a partner.  While one partner was doing the exercises, the other was running the hall. Then, you switched.  If you finished the entire set of exercises, you started over.  We didn't finish, but we almost did.  And, while I was walking the halls, I had a chance to meet one of my goals for the week.  I carried Betty down the hall on my back, and back!  I was so proud of myself!

After the morning classes we had a lecture on life coaching topics and then lunch.  Both were good.  The life coach here seems to have a lot of good insights, and offered some good advice.  She started the class out with a question of where you would rank your health, from 1-10 and how you could move up a half number.  It was a great way to present the material, and I got some good ideas.

After lunch, we had a team building session where we made collages of pictures and words that were important to our journey. It was a nice, low key activity.  This was one of the stayover choices.  Everyone else was in a Calorie Challenge class.  I'm glad I went to this one.

The first afternoon session was a water pilates class.  The only problem was the pool was really cold.  Otherwise, the class would have been pure bliss.  It was basically a water stretching and ab class.  And, after class there were a few minutes to jump in the hot tub to warm up.  The second afternoon class was very similar to the pyramid class, but the amount of cardio was random, based on a deck of cards.  Otherwise, very similar in format.

The day ended with a Facts of Weight Loss lecture and dinner.  The lecture focused on sleep, digestion, stress management, and energy.  There wasn't anything really new, but it did give me some things to think about.  And, dinner ended with a fruit kabob.  That was really, really good.

Even though today was a really physically demanding day, I'm actually feeling alert and energized tonight.  Now, my body is sore and I have no strength left, but mentally, I'm happy.  That's a big change from last night when all I wanted to do was come back to my room and collapse.  I really hope that this means the rest of the week will go as well as today!

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