Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday fun

I was a little nervous going back to my muscle challenge class tonight.  I've always pushed myself so hard in that class, and I have a feeling it was a big contributor to my adrenal issues.  There were many, many nights when I would come home and go from a sweaty mess to absolutely freezing, a big sign of adrenal problems.

So, I made a deal with myself that I would go tonight, but make a conscious effort to not over-stress myself.  I still did challenging weights, but I didn't push to use the heaviest weights I could manage.  I did all the exercises, but made sure I was confident in them.  And, when class was over, I felt tired, but not completely wiped out. 

Tonight, I couldn't do the yoga class because I had a conflict with another meeting.  But, I have a feeling if I follow the same rules, I'll be able to do the yoga class as well.  I'm thinking it's not the length of the session, or even the intensity, as much as how I respect my body and understand my limits.  It's OK for me to work hard, without pushing myself to the very edge.  I still got a great workout and my body is happier because of it.  This is definitely a journey of self discovery!

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