Friday, October 18, 2013

Good Day, Good Plan, Good Workouts

Today was a double exercise day.  When my adrenal issues were really bad, I had suspended my personal training sessions.  And, with my knee problems lately, I was extra concerned.  But, I sat down with the trainer and talked about my concerns, and she really listened.  An additional concern was that I didn't have enough time between workouts - on Wednesdays (when we typically had our session) I was still sore from Monday.

So, we decided to switch our sessions to Fridays, which would give me two and three days between intense workouts.  That makes me feel a lot better, and gives me time to fully recover. And, today, she really paid attention to all my movements to see if we could pinpoint where I was hurting my knee.  We did a yoga based warm up, since that seems to be where I'm hurting it the most consistently.

I think we narrowed it down to a few standing positions where I really need to pay attention to my alignment and leg placement.  And, when I went to yoga tonight, I definitely followed her advice.  And, no additional knee pain.  Yeah!

So, the workout today was not quite as intense as some others, but that actually suited me really well.  I'm really trying hard to work to challenge, not exhaustion.  That needs to apply to all my workouts.  So, this was a great day.  I got in two workouts, and my knee is feeling OK.  The injury is still there, but it's not so bad I can't work through it.  That makes me happy!

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